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Create a landing page with company video

Giving potential candidates enough information is the only way to ensure the right type of people
apply. But it’s not a secret that traditional job listings – the ones with endless scrolling required
– no longer work. This is where a company video lets you shine.

They are easy to share and simple to integrate into your existing process. Videos are the best way to
convey both information as well as emotion, to showcase team members and to introduce the vision and
culture of the company. Video listings lead to higher number of quality candidates, reduce the need
for screening calls and provide the candidates with a better overall experience.

Candidate videos combined with analytics

95% of HR professionals decide on the best candidate based on their PERSONALITY. Videos can achieve
something a traditional format never could: you can see, hear and evaluate your candidates before you
meet them.

Combined with biometric data analytics you’ll get a deep insight into the candidate’s behavioural
traits. This means saving time while increasing the interview success rates.

Rate, Review and Share the results

The whole process is agile: you can rate and comment the applicants’ videos as soon as they’ve been
submitted. 2 clicks and you can share the videos with your team: no logins, no downloads, they can
share their feedback from the comfort of their phones.

For a recruiter, it means skipping the lengthy screening process and focusing on what matters:
finding that perfect match fast and easy.

Make your life easier
Why choose VideoCV
Welcome to the 21st century
Create a landing page with company video
  • Candidates get a better understanding of the company culture as well as the position they are seeking through videos.
  • Everything is online! No need for a lengthy IT setup.
  • Quality over quantity. The number of low quality applications is reduced, making it easy to focus only on the best of the best
  • Worth knowing: every single company that started using VideoCV subscription model is still using it!
Time is invaluable
Save time
  • Instead of reading hundreds of resumes, watch a video!
  • VideoCV humanizes the initial screening process and improves the candidate selection.
  • Videos allow you the flexibility and mobility of ‘seeing’ the candidates whenever and wherever you want.
  • Far less time needed for actual interviews, helping you reduce the overall hiring time by 50%
100% from the first step
More convenient decision-making process
  • Hire for attitude, train for skills!
  • Much better understanding of the candidates before you meet.
  • We help bring personality to the first step of hiring
  • Now you can easily share everything with your team, or evalutate the video resumes all together, where and when it suits you.
Simple as that
Everything is online.
  • No need for an expensive and time consuming setup.
  • You can add unlimited users to one recruiting account.
  • You can watch the candidate video resumes ANYWHERE!
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