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Kristian Kalle started VideoCV with an idea to simplify the way we build our teams. The idea came to the young entrepreneur’s mind when he was working on one of his previous business endeavours. Looking for employees, he realised that paper-back CVs and cover letters hardly give anything away about who the person really is. It’s been decades since written CVs and cover letters became a thing.

Let’s illustrate this a bit. When we get home after a long day at work, we don’t watch movies from VCRs anymore. We don’t even get up and turn the knob to turn on the moving picture. There’s a remote for that. Even the toothbrushes are electric now. If we can move on elsewhere, why should we use outdated tools in our businesses?

That’s what Kristian thought, too. So, together with the current Head of Sales, Hans Kristjan Velling, and the CTO, Mathias Liias, he started a journey towards taking the next step in the recruitment world. Enter VideoCV. A platform where candidates don’t get lost in piles of paper and recruiters see the person behind the name from the get-go.

Operating in European and African markets, VideoCV helps to save time and money for businesses big and small. Hire a person, not paper.

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Operating in European and African markets, VideoCV helps to save time and money for businesses big and small. Hire a person, not paper.

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